Maximize your squatting strength with this one tip (by Alexander Stemplewski)

Want to immediately increase your one rep Squat maximum? Well, I have a tip that could potentially do that for you if your form is not quite perfect. Here’s the tip: Don’t let your knees cave in.

When many lifters are squatting their knees tend to try and meet in the middle, caving in during the squat. This is problematic, because when your knees are caved in during a squat you are not fully activating your glutes, which is the muscle group that is capable of generating the most power during your squat. If your knees are caved in, you are transferring the force to your knee joints and ligaments which could lead to injury and also decreases your strength. So, what’s the solution? Make sure your glutes are activated, your knees are aligned and allow yourself to tap into your maximum strength.

Alexander Stemplewski - Squat tips

Alexander Stemplewski – Squat tips

– Alexander Stemplewski