5 Sweet-Sounding Workout Songs to Add to Your iPod Playslist

5 Sweet-Sounding Workout Songs to Add to Your iPod Playslist.


Alexander Stemplewski

Alexander Stemplewski


5 Sweet-Sounding Workout Songs to Add to Your iPod Playslist

Before you hit the gym again, add these 5 songs to your workout playlist if you need some tunes that get you going and help you push through the final and most excruciating minutes of your workout. (Click the link to listen on YouTube)

1. Power – Kanye West

2. Joker & the Thief – Wolfmother

3. Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix) – AC/DC

4. Panic Station – Muse

5. White Noise – Disclosure

Maximize your squatting strength with this one tip (by Alexander Stemplewski)

Want to immediately increase your one rep Squat maximum? Well, I have a tip that could potentially do that for you if your form is not quite perfect. Here’s the tip: Don’t let your knees cave in.

When many lifters are squatting their knees tend to try and meet in the middle, caving in during the squat. This is problematic, because when your knees are caved in during a squat you are not fully activating your glutes, which is the muscle group that is capable of generating the most power during your squat. If your knees are caved in, you are transferring the force to your knee joints and ligaments which could lead to injury and also decreases your strength. So, what’s the solution? Make sure your glutes are activated, your knees are aligned and allow yourself to tap into your maximum strength.

Alexander Stemplewski - Squat tips

Alexander Stemplewski – Squat tips

– Alexander Stemplewski

The BEST type of water, and where to find it for FREE!

Today I wanted to share with my readers a recent discovery of mine. As I sit here typing this post, I am sipping on mountain spring water that I collected from the Santa Cruz mountains. A majority of our population is dehydrated, and a lot of chronic illnesses stem from dehydration. The average adult’s body is 75% water (that’s a lot!), so it makes sense that you would want 75% of your body to be made out of the BEST quality water you can find. That water is mountain spring water. Let me explain, briefly, why filtered tap water, bottled water, and distilled water are not good quality waters and then explain why spring water is the superior choice.

Let’s begin with tap water. In my opinion, no one should be drinking tap water as their main source, even if it is filtered through a Britta filter. Tap water is highly contaminated with flouride, chlorine, pesticides, urine, feces, and pharmaceuticals (up to 60 different medical prescriptions have been found in trace amounts of some municipal water supplies). I will include a link of why you don’t want any of these contaminants in your body, but it should be obvious. You should also be aware that while a Britta filter may remove some of these chemicals, a significant amount will still be left in your water. In fact, some of these filters even state on the box that only the SMELL of flouride and chlorine are removed… the chemicals themselves are not.

Moving onto bottled water: It’s a degree better than tap water, but still not your best option and here’s why: Somewhere around 40% of bottled water in the U.S. is actually filtered tap water! The worst part is that this water is bottled in plastic, most of which contain BPA. Remember that water is a solvent, it has the ability to dissolve and absorb into it, whatever it comes into contact with. Therefore, the plastic your water bottle is made out of actually leaches into the water that you are drinking. Think of the water in plastic bottles as a ‘plastic tea’… yuck.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the ‘Smart’ water marketing scheme. Distilled water, is actually not such a smart option to be consuming in the long-run. Distilled water involves removing impurities, like the flouride and chlorine in tap water (yay!! right?). Yes, that is a good thing about it, but distillation removes nearly ALL of the constituents in the water, including the vital minerals that we need our water to possess. As I mentioned earlier, water is a solvent, it likes to absorb the things it comes into contact with. Because there are hardly any constituents in distilled water, it is very ‘aggressive’. This water is sort of naked, in a way, and wants to restructure itself by absorbing the things it touches. This means that when you drink it, it will be stripping your body of its minerals in an attempt to stabilize itself. This is not good in the long term, especially considering how mineral-deficient our population is.

That leaves us with the best type of water in the world: spring water! Spring water avoids all the problems that I mentioned earlier that can happen with the other types of water. It comes from deep within our earth where it is stored in an aquifer, for sometimes thousands of years, after being filtered by the clay and soil of our earth while absorbing vital minerals on its way. Most of the water that comes out of a mountain spring, has been underground since before the industrial revolution, it is therefore free of the toxic pollutants that contaminates the surface of our earth. Spring water is also chock-full of minerals, which are becoming harder to incorporate into our diets because a lot of the produce we eat are grown on mineral-depleted soil. The last benefit I will mention is that spring water is very hydrating. From bathing deep within the Earth for so long, before spring water makes its way to the surface, it is being charged by Earth’s electromagnetic field which charges and structures the water molecules. It has been found that this makes the water more absorbable by the human body, more hydrating, and increases our immune function and antioxidant activity. Ever get swishy feeling in your stomach after drinking a lot of tap or distilled water? Like the water just isn’t going anywhere? Well, you wont feel that with spring water.

Now, onto the good part. You might be thinking: So, where in the world do I get this spring water stuff? At Whole Foods? From the internet? Is it expensive?…  You will need to locate a mountain spring, and collect the water yourself. This is super easy! And the best part about spring water is that you can harvest it absolutely free. Here’s how:

1. Go to FindaSpring.com

2. Locate the nearest spring near you

3. Head to that spring with a large, preferably glass, container.. and fill it up!

It’s that simple. FindaSpring.com is an amazing resource created by Daniel Vitalis, and allows us to easily find the best type of water ever. I suggest you head to the mountain spring nearest you, and see if this water does not change your life. Make 75% of your body out of the purest water on earth, and do it for free!

Ojai Belly Ache Mountain Spring - Alexander Stemplewski

Ojai Belly Ache Mountain Spring – Alexander Stemplewski



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Marcin Gortat yells out quotes from “300” before games


“Prepare for glory!”

“Give them nothing but take everything!”

One look at Marcin Gortat and you think he would have fared well living in Sparta. He’s hulking. He relishes physical play. And he can have a bit of a wild glint in his eye.

The Wizards’ center can be a bit of an eccentric at times. Like before games when he screams out quotes from the movies “300” or “Gladiator.” He told Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post about it.

“Always,” Gortat said.”When we’re running out, I’ll say from 300 ‘This is Sparta!’ or ‘Prepare for glory!’ [or] ‘Give them nothing but take everything!’”

“He thinks he’s a guy from 300, the big swole strong guy,” Garrett Temple said of Gortat…

“(I am) Serious,” he said. “You know, yelling loud. I’m saying the quotes from Gladiator: ‘We who are coming to die salute you!”

Fortunately for Gortat and the…

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Your guide to watching the NBA playoff games on the go (by Alexander Stemplewski)

It’s that time of year, the first round of NBA playoffs is underway with some great match-ups. If you are like me, you find yourself wanting to tune into games when you are on the go, but all you have on you is your smartphone or tablet. Well, not to worry, because you can actually watch the playoff games that are broadcasted on TNT or ESPN on your mobile phone or tablet. Here’s how:


1. Download the Watch TNT app and Watch ESPN app on your device.

2. Go to NBA.com/gameline to look up which TV station the game is on.

3. Choose the corresponding app on your device, and login using your TV service provider account info.

That’s it. It’s very simple, but many people, like me initially, are unaware that you can do this. Enjoy the playoffs, and let’s go Warriors!

– Alexander Stemplewski

How to find a quality krill oil supplement

Hello everyone,

For my first post, I wanted to share with you some things I learned today while shopping for my first ever krill oil supplement. Click here to learn what health benefits krill oil provides.

First and foremost, there has been a debate as to whether krill oil or fish oil is a better supplement for those seeking to add omega-3 EFAs to their diet. While a high quality product of either krill or fish oil is great, there are several advantages to krill oil that make it superior, in my opinion.

Both krill oil and fish oil, contain the omega-3 fatty acids that are required for life, and essential for the human body to thrive. The omega-3s found in krill oil are in the form of eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexonoic acid (DHA), whereas in fish oil,  theses fats are present in the triglyceride form. EPA and DHA have a double-chain phospholipid structure and the fats in our bodies human cell walls are in the phospholipid form. This means that EPA/DHA are much more easily absorbed by our bodies than the omega-3s that are found in fish oil. When it comes to supplements, absorbability of their constituents is crucial because after all: what’s important is not how many milligrams of a supplement you take, but how much of that supplement your body actually assimilates.

Another advantage of krill oil is that it contains a very powerful antioxidant called astaxanthin (the red-pink substance found in certain fishes like salmon). This unique substance actually bonds together with the krill oil’s omega 3s (EPA and DHA) and helps the body metabolize them, making them even more bioavailable to our bodies. Fish oil, on the other does not contain astaxanthin, and contains far less antioxidants overall than krill oil (about 48 times less). Antioxidants play an important role in keeping us young and fighting those free radicals caused from our toxic environment and poor eating habits.

With all that said, let’s go over some tips on how to pick a high quality krill oil supplement:

1. Make sure the brand specifies where the krill is from and what type of krill it is (the more specific a company is on where it’s products are sourced, the more you can trust them)

2. Look for adequate amounts of phospholipids: > 200 mgs per pill (these facilitate the absorption of the key health-promoting elements of the krill oil)

3. Look for adequate amounts of astaxanthin: > .60 mgs per pill (these are the unique antioxidant that help our body scavenge unwanted free-radicals)

4. Look for adequate amounts of EPA: > 75 mgs per pill

5. Look for adequate amounts of DHA: > 40 mgs per pill

6. Check for an IKOS (The International Kish Oil Standards Program) rating. Look for a 5 star rated product.